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The independent Panel was established by the Porirua City and Greater Wellington Regional Councils to investigate local government reform in the Wellington region. It presented its final report to the commissioning Councils on 30 October 2012. 

Report Released

Following extensive consultation with local residents, ratepayers and a variety of other stakeholders, the Panel has produced its final report with recommendations for a future local government option in the Wellington region.

Issues Explored

On 19 July 2012, the Panel released an Issues Paper to stimulate debate and allow the ratepayers and residents of Wellington communities to consider and feedback on some of the core issues facing the greater Wellington region.

Public Meetings Completed

The Panel completed public meetings around the region, as well as many meetings with interested groups and local authorities, throughout their extensive consultation.

You can view the online discussion of topics raised in the Panel's Issues Paper concerning the needs of ratepayers and residents in the greater Wellington region.  The Panel's Terms of Reference are comprehensive and will allow the Panel to fully explore all issues that are raised with them.    


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View an archive of the online discussion of topics raised in the Panel's Issues Paper.


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